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The En'owkin Centre offers its facilities and gardens for your meetings, events, gatherings, weddings and various other activities. Refer to descriptions for details on each area!


En'owkin Centre Gathering SpaceThe En'owkin Centre facility has a large circular gathering space, which seats approximately one-hundred and fifty (150) people. The concept design duplicates the original underground housing of the Syilx people. Centrally located are four poles carved and painted with pictographs commemorating the Four Food Chiefs. The turtle design etched on the beautifully painted floor tiling honors Syilx ceptikw.

The Centre is equipped with a full kitchen, restroom facilities with additional meeting rooms. The En'owkin Centre offers the perfect place for professional retreats, conferences, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and gatherings.


The En'owkin has a unique and diverse eco landscape surrounding the exterior of the Centre. Traditional foods En'owkin Centre gardenscan be prepared on our large outdoor grill made from Indigenous stone and the storytelling fire pit is shared by many visitors. 

The gardens include trails, walkways and a nearby creek. The En’owkin Centre gardens is an array of Indigenous foliage landscaping utilizing the ecosystem and restoring the landscape back to its natural state. It is a breath taking organic backdrop for your events.


ECOmmunity PlaceECOmmunity Place is located on the west side of the Okanagan River floodplain and is a site which encompasses approximately one-hundred (100) hectares in the City of Penticton.  Within this site there are four separate eco niche areas including the protected black cottonwood riparian stand, marsh/wetlands, grassland meadows and desert sand hillsides.

Inhabiting several indigenous and endangered species including: Great Blue Heron, Tiger Salamander, Painted Turtle & Great Horned Owl.

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154 Enowkin Trail

RR#2 Site 50 Compartment 8

Penticton B.C. V2A 6J7

En'owkin Departments

General Inquiries: Maria Baptiste

Executive Secretary


Ph: 250-493-7181

Theytus Books Ltd.

Dr. Greg Younging


Ph: 250-493-7181

Student Services, Kathleen Michel

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Public Relations, Tracey Kim Bonneau


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Restorative Justice,

Justice Manager, Anna Tonasket
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ECOmmunity Place

Coordinator, Harron Hall

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