Kxansulaxw HALL



wai'iskwist kxansulaxw. lim lemt kulencuten for giving me this gift of expression, I love music, I love theatre.


I create my own music to express what I see and feel. Being a traditional drummer has taken me many places. I sing for different events within and outside of my community. My drum has brought me to South Dakota for the Wounded Knee Memorial motorcycle ride to share songs with their people to help with their healing.


Hip Hop has always had a place in my heart. Through many years of exploring, I have learned to manipulate vocals, drum, synthesizers, and traditional drums into a beautiful story, music is my passion. I have been exploring dance and movement, I just dance how I feel. I have also been involved in telling traditional Okanagan legends through theatre, I do it all!


I encourage everybody to follow their dreams. Explore their passions as I have mine. I do not regret one single second of this life that I have been given.


wai ixi. lim lemt


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