way’,   x̌ast  sx̌elx̌ʕalt  iʔ pisnəqsyilxʷ   naʔɬ   slex̌lax̌t.   iskʷist   sknir’mən,  iʔ  sənsamaʔ skwist  Anona Fawn Kampe,  kntl  snpintktn


Hello, good day my relatives and friends. 


My name is translated as Buttercup and my English name is Anona Fawn Kampe and I’m from Penticton.  Since I can remember, I’ve always loved to sing.  If I can share my voice with people and help even one person believe that their dreams can come true, I’ve succeeded.  More recently, I’ve discovered the richness in my culture and heritage.  I’m learning my language and truly understanding the depth of our connection to the land, the plants and the animals.  I love spreading a message of hope as I come from an upbringing of severe trauma and abuse.  The spirit of my stəmtimaʔ  (my mom’s mom) lives in me.





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