South Okanagan Restorative


Justice Program


SORJP logoThe South Okanagan Restorative Justice Program (SORJP) has a mandate to affect change within the existing criminal justice system through the reinstatement of traditional discipline and traditional community practices that would assist in the rehabilitation of offenders and healing victims of crime. SORJP seeks to ensure the restoration of balance within each of the four South Okanagan communities that are affected by crime.

The South Okanagan Restorative Justice Program will foster and promote a safe and caring program through restorative action and youth advocacy; holding youth and others accountable for their behavior; reintegrating them in their communities and ensuring that the victim’s concerns are addressed.



SORJP Objectives


To develop restorative, relevant and reasonable resolutions
To increase the individual’s awareness on how their actions affect others

To involve the victim and the community in the restorative process and the resolution

To let the client and his/her family know that the community as a whole is concerned about their conduct/behavior

To provide for restitution and the means to repair the harm, when appropriate

To respect the rights of all parties

To foster a safe and caring environment through advocacy and mentoring

To leave all parties with a feeling of self worth

To focus on the harm of crime rather than the rules/laws that have been broken


To be equally concerned about the victims and offenders involving both in the process of justice

To work towards the restoration of victims, empowering them and responding to their needs as they see them

To support offenders while encouraging them to understand, accept and carry out their obligations

To provide dialogue, direct and indirect between the victim and offender as appropriate

To encourage collaboration and reintegration rather than coercion and isolation




Restorative Justice Manager: 

Anna Tonasket
(Penticton Indian Band)


Corrections Liaison Officer: 

Bruce Manuel
(Upper Nicola Band)


Contact SORJP

    If you are in need of our services please contact:

    154 Enowkin Trail,
    RR # Site 50 Comp 8
    Penticton, British Columbia V2A 6J7

    Fax: (250) 493 5302

    Anna Tonasket

    Email: justicecoordinator[at]

    Phone: (250) 493 7181 ext 217


    Bruce Manuel

    Email: correctionsliason[at]
    Phone: (250) 493-7181 ext 218