Certificate of Aboriginal Language




(CALR) LING 180A: Dynamics of Indigenous Language Shift

(1.5 Units)

Course Registry Contact: Kathleen Michel, En’owkin Centre Phone: 250-493-7181 Ext. 223

Email: dbase@vip.net - PDF of CALR Poster


Effective approaches to language revitalization begin with an understanding of the context of language shift and loss. This course provides an introduction to the human dynamics associated with Aboriginal language shift and language loss, including the profound psychological, intellectual, and spiritual effects on individuals, families, communities, and cultures. This course introduces contemporary issues, principles, and practices in the revival, maintenance and revitalization of Indigenous languages in Canada and around the world. Participants identify community assets supporting individual, family, and community language revitalization.

Instructor: Maxine Baptiste

Fee: $505.80 tuition + $100.00 program fee (total fees $605.80)


For more information, please contact: Bobbilee Copeland, Program Coordinator CALR Program, University of Victoria

Phone: 250-721-8504 Email: calr@uvic.ca Website: http://www.uvcs.uvic.ca/aboriginal/


A partnership program of the En’owkin Centre of the Okanagan Indian Educational Resources Society and the Department of Linguistics and the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria. This innovative and accessible program offers Summer Institute coursework combined with flexible elective offerings to enable people concerned with the loss and recovery of Aboriginal languages to develop both knowledge and practical strategies for revitalization activities across British Columbia and beyond. This program is designed to honour Aboriginal traditional knowledge and practices, to recognize and accommodate the realities and needs of diverse Aboriginal communities, and to provide a foundation for language revitalization activities and for further study in linguistics, education, and/or cultural resource management.


Program Requirements:


To complete the 13.5 unit certifcate, you must take 6 core courses (9 units) and three elective courses (4.5 units). Three of the six core courses are offered in a three-week Summer Institute at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, BC.





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