Aboriginal Access Program


En’owkin Centre and UBC Okanagan are offering a new opportunity for Aboriginal students to gain access to university study. This program allows Aboriginal students to register in university-level courses without registering in a degree program or undergoing the University's standard admission process.

What does this mean?
This program is exciting because it allows students to experience college and university life and as well give them time to upgrade skills that help them to be successful in achieving their goals.

In addition students have time to get accustomed to the more difficult courses required at college and university in a supportive, cultural setting.

Term 1 courses delivered at En’owkin will include all of the following:
English 114 – University Writing: An Aboriginal Perspective
Indigenous Studies 100 – Introduction to Aboriginal Studies
NSYL 110 – Nsyilxcen I (En'owkin Centre – Okanagan Language)
Term 2 courses delivered at En’owkin will include three of the following:
Math 126 – Basic Mathematics: An Aboriginal Perspective
A 100-level English course (with some exceptions)
NSYL 111– Nsyilxcen II (En'owkin Centre – Okanagan Language)
UBC Okanagan elective

For more information on the Aboriginal Access Program contact:


Kathleen Michel, Student Advisory Services & Records Management

Email: dbase@vip.net

Phone: (250) 493 7181 Ext. 223



Please select "UBC Okanagan Aboriginal Access Program" in the drop down box at the bottom of the first page (in the "About you" section) of the application. Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by email confirming that your application was received and providing further information. If you have questions about your application, we encourage you to contact Education Director, Lauren Terbasket to follow up with the Admissions office regarding your application.




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