Aboriginal Foresty and Indigenous Knowledge Extension

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Ellen Simmons, FIT, Aboriginal Foresty and Indigenous Knowledge Extension Specialist

Biology Instructor, Cree (Saskatchewan), Penticton BC

Ellen is helping design and coordinate an Aboriginal forestry extension program that promotes indigenous knowledge as it relates to sustainable forest management and addresses resource management hurdles. She is also involved with the Locatee Lands on the Penticton Indian Reserve where the black cottonwood lowland forests are home to many rare and endangered species. Much of the ongoing work includes habitat enhancement and restoration, as well as fostering an increased understanding of cultural traditions and ecological literacy amongst both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Ellen’s favorite part of her job is working with a kind and genuine group of people and reconnecting with her heritage. She finds drawing on indigenous knowledge and western science through continued endeavors to protect, enhance and restore protected areas very satisfying.


FORREX - Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources

Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources (FORREX) is a British Columbia, Canada-based charitable non-share corporation, founded in 1998 to help people develop science and knowledge-based solutions to complex natural resource challenges. Through the contributions of staff, partners and donors, FORREX links people to knowledge, and facilitates continuous innovation and improvement in natural resource policy and management – practices that greatly influence the ecological, social, and economic well-being of our communities. FORREX believes that knowledge can make the greatest difference when it is shared, empowering people to make more informed decisions.


As a result of the established partnership between En'owkin Centre and FORREX, combined with ongoing efforts to meet shared objectives of the two organizations, the ultimate aim can be achieved.