En'owkin Centre Objectives


Gathering Sapce1. Operate a quality First Nation Post-Secondary Institution offering educational programs to enhance Aboriginal culture, language, political development and leadership and excellence in Aboriginal arts training.

2. Operate a quality Aboriginal Adult College Readiness Program to assist in adult completion of requirements and skills to enter programs of higher learning.

3. Operate a program for culture and literacy, archives, and educational resources for the benefit of all peoples requiring such information.

4. Operate and offer umbrella services to language, culture and arts associations and collectives to encourage and foster higher levels of professionalism.


En'owkin Centre Mandate


In consideration of sacred responsibilities given to us by the Creator, upheld through our culture and continues Nsyilxcen Language classthrough our Elders, we are committed to:


Provide the educational needs and programs of the Indigenous people with full participation by the Elders, the parents and the community.

Enhance the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of our people by preserving and reinforcing Indigenous culture, practice and teachings.

Develop and implement community based education programs, which focus on the needs of the Indigenous community and are controlled and monitored at the community level.

Restore the Okanagan language to its rightful place as the communicator of the culture, under the guidance of the Elders.


En'owkin Centre Philosophy


Gathering SapceAs Indigenous people, the Creator has given us a way of life and natural laws, which govern our relationship to all living things.


The Creator has entrusted to us the responsibility of being 'keepers of the land' of living in harmony and oneness with each other; and maintaining a balance with all things in the environment.

Our knowledge and customs are understood and practiced through our relationships to our land and in the way it protects and ensures our continuance and survival.

Our Mother Earth is a living embodiment of our spirituality and nourishes us in all ways: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.
Our spirituality is a sacred trust.
The values of our people are contained in our teachings. It is through our values that we live under the instructions of the Creator that form the foundation of our survival. Therefore, our sacred responsibility is to protect our spirituality, culture and land.



En'owkin Centre Partners


University of Victoria

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology


University of British Columbia Okanagan


Okanagan Language Authority

B.C. College of Teachers


En'owkin Centre Affiliates


Theytus Books Ltd.

The Land Conservancy

South Okanagan Heritage Alliance

Centre for Ecoliteracy

South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation


En'owkin Centre Board

Chief Clarence Louie
(Osoyoos Indian Band)

Dr. Jeannette Armstrong
(Penticton Indian Indian Band)

Elder Representatives:
(Penticton Indian Band)

Dr. Jeannette Armstrong, Joan Phillip

(Osoyoos Indian Band)

Morning Dove Hall, Jane Stelkia

(Westbank First Nation)
Rose Caldwell, Brian Eli
(Upper Similkameen Indian Band)
Hazel Squakim
(Lower Similkameen Indian Band)
Marian Louie, Tony Qualtier

(Upper Nicola Indian Band)

Sharon Lindley, Brian Holmes

(Okanagan Indian Band)

Dean Louis, Chief Byron Louis


Course Registry Contact:

Kathleen Michel

Email: dbase@vip.net

Phone: (250) 493-7181 Ext. 223


En'owkin Centre Operational Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


All guests please report to front reception area upon arrival

Phone: (250) 493-7181

Email: enowkin@vip.net